• Work only commences once proof of payment for the 70% deposit has been received.
  • All website content to be supplied by client (text, photos, videos etc.). Additional charges will apply (R550 per hour) when Divine Online Solutions is required to source images or other content.
  • After first website draft has been loaded for review, a maximum of 3 revision rounds will be allowed. After that, additional charges will apply for revisions at R550 per hour
  • When additional pages are added and it exceeds the allowed number of pages for the chosen website package, the website cost will be increased according to the next package cost.
      • a. Before pages are added which will incur additional costs, the client will be notified and asked for approval before the pages are added.
      • b. Once the number of pages have gone into a higher package on client’s approval, the cost will not be reduced if the client later requests those pages to be removed (since the work for adding them has already been done).
  • Final payment is due before the website goes live. No exceptions or arrangements will be allowed.
  • Custom coding on templates not included in package prices. Template customisation available at R550 per hour.