Azure is a powerful cloud platform that can be right for small businesses with little to no capital as well as established enterprises. Along with being cost-effective, Azure has ever-increasing benefits for business. We have discussed the benefits of the cloud in an earlier article. However, Azure provides some benefits that are unique and deserve to be recognized.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure


As previously mentioned, Azure is a leader for IaaS, which enables you to build, deploy, and manage apps more quickly and easily. IaaS enables your company to create your own Web app or launch your own website without having to buy and maintain the underlying infrastructure. Essentially, your organization has the ability to customize your cloud software to meet your exact needs.

Enhanced flexibility and scalability

Azure is extremely flexible and provides you the option to consume any level of functionality you require. It supports the same technologies many developers and IT professionals already rely on. You can rapidly deploy and change your Web apps to Azure with no downtime. This means less time worrying about the infrastructure, and more time devoted to your applications. Conveniently, it’s also a pay-as-you-go service so you can quickly adjust capacity according to your business fluctuations and needs.

Unique storage

Azure has more data centers and delivery points than most other cloud services. This allows Azure to deliver content faster and provide an optimal user experience. You can store any type of data in a reliable and fast environment and share it across virtual machines (VMs).

Extend existing IT

Azure doesn’t make you choose between your datacenter and the cloud. It easily integrates with your existing IT environment through secure private connections, hybrid databases, and storage solutions. Your assets stay where you need them. Moreover, this makes Azure extremely cost-effective and less complex.

Strong analytics support

Azure provides built-in support for analyzing data and key insights. They provide managed SQL services, Machine Learning, Cortana Analytics, and Stream Analytics. Ultimately, your business will be able to make smarter decisions, improve customer service, and uncover new business opportunities.