The smartest, most scalable, most secure app delivery platform on the market

Like no other ADC or load balancing solution, our security is designed to help the next generation of makers build tomorrow’s digital landmarks.

Our security software and container-based solutions run on any cloud, location and platform, providing availability, performance and security. Future-proof your application services and decrease TCO with our security’s adaptable architecture and scaling.

Why choose our security's Load Balancers and WAF?

The most complete ADC: load balancer, WAF, GSLB and acceleration with modern pricing

We offer Load Balancers that cover all the key application services requirements: availability, performance, security and observability. Flexible licensing allows you to cost-effectively scale as you grow.

Industry leading automation and intelligence

Modern networks need to drive themselves. Our load balancer offers an AI & ML-enabled control plane with traffic profiling, pattern recognition, automated configuration and security

Future proof ADCs: high performance anywhere, any platform, any architecture

Application services across multiple platforms, locations, clouds and networks architectures simultaneously, reducing costs and risk. Handles both North-South and East-West architectures.

ADCs designed for microservices, service mesh and edge computing

Centrally managed container friendly Load Balancer, WAF and GSLB speeds up adoption of new technology with near real-time communications between systems, platforms and clouds.

Cloud-agnostic and multi-cloud Load Balancer support for easier cloud adoption

Our flexible and cloud agnostic approach to ADCs drives business agility, speeds digital transformation and reduces cloud operating costs. Making it easier than ever to do cloud adoptation

Architected with DevOps and CI/CD processes in mind

We offer a product that empowers IT and development to embrace cloud-native and DevOps paradigms – enabling more agility, modern environments, faster iteration and reduced time-to-market.

Cloud Load Balancer


Our product is a centrally managed, container-friendly ADC platform providing Layer 7 load balancing, GSLB, WAF and web acceleration. It’s cloud-native, hyperscale and intelligent.

Application Delivery Architecture

Provides unprecedented simplicity, agility, scalability, automation and intelligence by fundamentally redefining load balancer architecture with a radical design.


High performance, high-availability load balancer, GSLB and WAF. The ADC platform provides centralized control, observability, analytics and automation.

Cloud Controller

The centralized control platform for deploying, configuring, monitoring and scaling your Load Balancers and WAF - from one to thousands - with near-zero latency, even at large scale.

Load Balancer

It deploys centrally managed lightweight load balancers, that are managed as services, into any cloud, VM or container enviroment.

Web Application Firewall

All our ADCs include our intelligent WAF - Machine Learning-enabled security suite, protecting you against DoS, threats, botnets and application attacks.

GSLB 2.0

Our Global Server Load Balancer is powered by "Destinations" - a module that uses intelligent DNS addresses to enable auto-scaling, traffic routing, disaster recovery and multi-cloud routing.


Our ADC offers modern flexible load balancer pricing for companies of all sizes.
Software Load Balancer

Layer 7 software load balancing, web acceleration, WAF and global DNS load balancer. Blazing fast throughputs, high SSL TPS, the load balancer runs on any cloud, VM or bare metal.


Per-environment (north-south) load balancer that competes within the traditional software/virtual ADC market and is used by IT Ops, infrastructure and network professionals.


All ADCs include a high performance load balancer, web accelerator, WAF and GSLB, HA (high availability) and technical support.

Software Load Balancer

Powerful software load balancer. Increase performance, availability and security of websites and critical applications.

Web Accelerator

Increase performance. Experience a 50-70% reduction in web requests and a 2-5X decrease in the time taken to load pages. Secure your site and get an A+ SSL rating.

Web Application Firewall

Protect your web apps from DoS, threats, botnets and application attacks with our WAF. The WAF helps you comply with GDPR, personal identities, PCI and HIPAA.


High availability and distributed redundancy. Automatically route users to the best endpoint - whether physical, virtual or a cloud environment.

Load Balancer Pricing

We offer packages for all users and companies. If you are unsure, request a demo to book time with our technical and sales teams and find the right solution.
Application Delivery Solutions

The most popular platforms, the most relevant applications, whatever your architecture. Every solution includes load balancer, web accelerator, WAF and GSLB.

Load Balancing Ecosystems

It integrates and partners with multiple clouds and platforms including Amazon, DigitalOcean, Kubernetes and Red Hat.

Load Balancer Applications

It provides load balancing for common enterprise applications including Exchange, llS servers, Remote Desktop, MySQL and other database and Work-From-Home infrastructure.

Modern Application Delivery

It provides load balancing, performance, security, observability and intelligence. Our load balancers support leading edge scenarios including cloud-native, hyperscale and multi-cloud / multi-location.

Load Balancer Enhancements and Plugins

It can elevate HAProxy and Squid Cache deployments to the next level with our fully-integrated GUI offering telemetry, reporting and alerts.



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